Blackwater Outdoors, Inc. is a proud seller of AM Leonard Brand tools. We are committed to quality, which is why all of the tools we sell come with a lifetime guarantee. If your tool breaks, bring it back and we will replace it for free, every time.

From hand tools to wheelbarrows, carts, workwear, and more, Blackwater Outdoors supplies only the highest-quality landscaping tools to our customers. We know that landscaping projects require tools that can withstand rigorous, daily use. AM Leonard Brand tools are made by professionals, for professionals. We guarantee that the tools we supply will help you get your landscaping job done quickly and easily.

Blackwater Outdoors is proud to announce that we are now a certified dealer of STIHL Battery products. STIHL offers several tiers of performance in their tools, with high-performance battery-powered products that will get the job done for anyone from the occasional-use homeowner to the landscaping professional. As with all other tools we sell, Blackwater Outdoors believes in quality products that get the job done right, and we are proud to offer our lifetime guarantee on this line of fine products.

We proudly supply the following tools for landscaping use: